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The rules and regulation of Thermo Code System’s foil

The rules and regulation of Thermo Code System’s foil

The rules and regulation of Thermo Code System’s foil

Thermal transfer ribbon and hot stamping foil, designed for consumer goods, need to obey to manufacturing rules and regulation that are indispensable to the safety of consumers

To prevent any risk or accident, Thermo Code System’s products are certified OEKO-TEX® class I and REACH®. Here is an overview of these labels and what they imply:

The OEKO-TEX certification of Thermo Code System product’s

As explained on OEKO-TEX’s website : the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a tryout system of certification which is uniformised to the global scale for every raw textile product, semi-finished product and finished product at every step of the production, even for materials and accessories. For instance, the following items can be certified: thread, fabric, colored and finished, accessories such as buttons, zips, cotton thread, labels, article of different confection (clothing, home linen, etc)

The Standard 100 by OEKO TEX® allows the security o the consumer on the usage of these products. To grant this certification, products are tested by multiple verifications of companies applying for this standard, in order to promote a more responsible utilisation of chemicals.

Thanks to this process, for many years, OEKO TEX® became a pioneer in quality control and security of textile products.

OEKO TEX® classifies different textile products in different categories depending on their usage:

• Class I : Articles for babies and children up to 3 years old (underwear, rompers, clothing, bed linen, teddy bears, etc.)

• Class II: Articles in direct contact with the skin (underwear, bed linen, tshirts, etc)

• Class III: Articles in indirect contact with the skin (outerwear, jackets, etc.)

• Class IV: Equipment (curtains, tablecloth, etc.)

The essential condition to respect to benefit from the Standard 100 certification by OEKO TEX®, is that all elements of the item answer to the same ruling. In addition to the outer textile, every component of an articles needs to oblige to the required criteria: thread, insides, prints, buttons, and obviously labels.

Since 2014, Thermo Code System is the only French company certified OEKO TEX® class I. The products used by Thermo Code System are thus harmless for babies and children up to 3 years old. This is why Thermo Code System’s foil is answering a growing demand on childcare products.

The REACH Label : to protect human and environnemental health

Since 2010, Thermo Code System’s thermal transfer ribbon benefit from the Reach® label.  The REACH certification (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is a reglementation of the European Union to protect human health and environment, thanks to its control of chemicals. The REACH® certification also stimulate the market segment of chemical industry within the EU.

The REACH® certification applies to chemicals used in industrial process, but also to consumer products (cleaning, paint, clothing, etc.)

To be awarded this certification, companies need to list and register all the chemicals used in their manufacturing process, as well aw identifying and handling the risk linked to these chemicals (parait un peu contreproductif de parler de risques du coup pour terminer le paragraphe qui ne fait que de dire justement qu’il n’y en as pas…). Companies have to prove to ECHA (European Chemical H ? Agency) that the chemical is safely used. The communication of risk management measures is also required for the final product users.