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Thermo Code System,  manufacturer of hot stamping foil, thermal transfer ribbon and care labels has been developing, for more than 40 years, specific foils answering several constraints. Thanks to these studies, Thermo Code System offers its products in various industries whose need for quality and resistance is a priority.

Discover an overview of these products and industries where you can find Thermo Code System thermal transfer ribbon.

All products of thermo code system, manufacturer of ink and labels

Thermo Code System designs thermal transfer ribbon and hot stamping foil for products and labels of various industries.

Thermo Code System thermal transfert ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbon is Thermo Code System’s product of reference. With 28 colors available and colors to be created on-demand, Thermo Code System adapts its skills, experience and flexibility to serve its customers and their needs.
Thanks to an unexampled chemical process, this French foil company offers inks able to resist washing at 60°, ironing, dry cleaning and bleaching.
With its experience and severals years of research, Thermo Code System has developed a premium range: The SO range. This range of thermal transfer ribbon is the most powerful, the most resistant and the most opaque of foils.  

Available in two colors (Black and White), the thermal tranfer ribbon from Thermo Code System So Black and So White resist washing up to 90°, ironing, dry cleaner, friction and industrial treatments. 

All thermal trasnfer ribbons from Thermo Code System offer a high-quality rendering and adapt itself to Polyester, Satin, Polyamide, PVC and Polypropylene.

Thermo Code System hot stamping foil

Thermo Code Systel offers 13  colors of hot stamping foil for industrualists who are using this printing technique. Thermo Code System also offers on-demand colors to meet every print’s need and constraint.
This range of hot stamping foil resists to enzymatic washing, stonewash and industrial treatments. 

Thermo Code System’s care labels 

Thermo Code system also offers thumbnail labels.  This choice of material is essential in the quality of the products and the radiation of thermal transfer ribbon or hot stamping foil. 

Available in Polyamide, Polyester or Satin, the Thermo code System supports will make the choosen colors shine. And for the non-equipped manufacturers Thermo Code system offers the complete manufacture of care labels.
All those labels are certified by OEKO TEX 1 and REACH. 

Thermo Code System products and their domains

Wit hits wide range of products, colors and flexibility, Thermo Code System offers products adapted to various industries. 

Thermal transfert ribbon and hot stamping foil : inks for several sectors

The quality of the thermal transfert ribbon and hot stamping foil of Thermo Code system makes it possible to be omnipresent in the textile field. The french company works in collaboration with Haute Couture brands. The brands advocating the Made In France also turned to Thermo Code system, unique french company to make its inks and labels on the territory itself. 

The OEKO TEX 1 certification of thermo code System thermal transfert ribbon  allows to this thermal inks french company  to supply to childcare industry its labels for many products : children clothes, toys, soft toys, sheets..Thermo Code System inks are also present in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic area with labels on the bottles and stockings.  

Thermo Code system also supplies inks for seat belts and seats in the automobile and aviation industry as well as in the marine sector (such as sailing equipment) 

For a while, textile labels for public services (army, policd, firefighter) also come from Thermo Code System. 

With these specifics requests, the company from Lyon has been able to create particular colors such as the « VERT OTAN » for the army labels or the Coyotte (sand color) making possible to blend in to the scenery of war territories. 

This ink company also offers these services for home linen (sheet, tablecloth…) but also for sport equipment or gardening equipment. 

If you would like to know if your industry is compatible with thermal transfert ribbon or hot stamping foil from Thermo Code System, receive a sample or have an information, do not hesitate to contact our consultants !