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In 2007, the biggest toy manufacturer in the world, the Mattel group, had announced a recall of approximately 20 million toys in the world. The reason? A toxic paint that could provoke health issues if swallowed.

But this is not the end of the story. In 2009, the European Food Safety Security (EFSA) noted contamination linked to toxic inks composing cereal boxes. In fact, the carton packaging of these mass consumption food represented a real danger. Moreover, agrifood packaging such as rice, pasta, lentils, biscuits, and cereals were contaminated. As confirmed by the NGO Foodwatch, “recycled packaging stay one of the first sources of contamination”. It can be explained by an accumulation of inks and other substances, such as solvents. These solvents, used in the making of carton printing inks, migrated onto the protective bag located inside the packaging, therefore contaminating the food.

Even if the world population is more and more careful regarding the origin and the nutritional aspect of its food, we have to ask the right questions on the possible nuisance of the products that come into the elaboration of the food’s conditioning.

Where can toxic inks be found?

From paint to ink, the contamination risks linked to toxic raw material is still an actual issue. Packaging, labels, products,… A wide variety of products can contain these toxic components. And the products that can bear them are plentiful: toys, agrifood products, childcare, labels… Every product of mass consumption can be a target.

Thermo Code System’s Ink

For Thermo Code System, offering foil that is respectful of the environment but also respectful of its user is mandatory. Thermo Code System’s managing director, Helene Demaison, justifies this positioning as following: “We propose foil that are answering specific needs, specific usage, and specific users. It is essential for us to be able to endorse a product that is completely harmless, safe, eco-friendly and eco-responsible, whatever our clients’ needs, usage, and user. This is why it was important for us to certify our product with both REACH® and OEKO TEX® class I.’

Indeed, Thermo Code System, manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbon pure resin, was awarded since 2010 the REACH® certification, and OEKO TEX® certification since 2014.

The REACH® certification rewards the products that respect and master its chemical process, and their conformity to the European standards.

The OEKO TEX® certification on its side, rewards products that are harmless, respectful of human ecology, and of the environment. This certification is mandatory to prove the inoffensiveness of a textile product in touch with the skin. The OEKO TEX® class I certification examines articles designed for babies from 0 to 3 years old. Thermo Code System offers thermal transfer ribbons and labels for a wide range of childcare products: teddy bears, clothes, home textiles such as bed linen, toys, …

Thanks to the quality of its products, Thermo Code System is able to answer the challenges of industry that could suffer from intoxication. It is with the inoffensiveness of its foils that Thermo Code System can supply industries such as childcare, agrifood, healthcare, cosmetics, distribution, pharmaceuticals, etc.

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